Ask Castiel

Sam and Dean have given me some of their old clothes. Sam’s clothes are comfortable as they’re loose on me. They… remind me of something.

I wouldnt want to overload you with questions, I just wanted to say that its amazing the quality of artwork you've got. Its just incedible effort for something Im assuming you'll be anwsering a lot

(Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me ;u; I’m hoping to answer at least a question a week now aiufhjksnf) 

Your art is perfection! I was just wondering, what program do you use?

(Thank you SO much, anon! I use photoshop elements. I don’t like it as much as programs like PS CS or OC, but I actually bought this program so. I’m scared of illegal downloading dfhgdfb

Just a quick note, I don’t want to answer any more art related questions on this blog (just keeping it organized) so if you have any other queries about my art etc please send them to Momalish, which is my art blog. Thank you!)